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Boys Homecoming Spiderman Costume


Anyone can become a superhero. One day, Peter Parker is just normal kid working on science projects for school and the next he's dressed up as Spider-Man, doing everything that a spider can! That means that your kid has a shot at becoming the next greatest superhero¡Xall he has to do is get an internship with a smart scientist, then get bitten by some kind of radioactive spider that gives him super powers. He'd better start studying now if he ever wants to find his way into a laboratory where he can gain those spider powers.

Of course, it might still be a few years before your kid will actually gain any super powers, but there's certainly no harm in preparing him with a costume! This deluxe Spider-Man costume comes from the 2017 Homecoming film. It's a full body jumpsuit with a webbing print on the exterior. It has the bright red and blue colors that Spider-Man is known for .The costume also comes with a mask to hide your little one's secret identity from his foes.

It's a great look for any kid who loves the Marvel movies, since it provides movie-style look in one quick and easy package. Just make sure to remind him that he still doesn't have super powers yet, or he might end up picking a fight with a super villain!


  • 100% spandex
  • Jumpsuit has zipper at center back
  • Hood/mask covers entire head
  • Mask has mesh-covered eyes, will obstruct vision


  • Jumpsuit 
  • Mask
  • A Pair of Wrists


Measured In CM
Size Jumpsuit Torso Sleeves Height
S 97 51 41 115-125
M 105 53 43 126-140
L 115 58 46 141-150

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