BFJFY Women Little Red Riding Hood Costume To A Halloween Party

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Gothic Red Riding Hood Adult Costume


Come a little closer, we have a secret for you. It's a good one; we think it may change the whole course of Halloween for you. A little bit closer. OK, are you listening? Here goes: Little Red Riding Hood can become anything you want her to be. Anything!

Because the thing about classic characters is that they are way more fun the more personality you pour into them. Take this Gothic Red Riding Hood Adult Costume, for instance. It boasts all of the classic archetypal elements of your favorite storybook character, Little Red Riding Hood, but it also shines with a unique quality only you could bring to it: gothic darkness. After all, the original version of the story is, in fact, quite dark. So why not shed some light on that fact and really stir things up tonight, while you're at it!


  • Cape
  • Dress
  • Wrists


Measured In CM
Bust Waist Dress 
88-94 72-78 75 155-168

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